In A Nutshell
In a nutshell
You can repay your customer for a previous transaction in part or fully by initiating a refund and listening to notifications.

Getting started

Sometimes, a customer makes a request for their money after a successful transaction. Other times, an order cannot be fulfilled after payment has been made. In either case, you need to consider if you should initiate a:

  1. Partial refund or,
  2. Full refund

Our RefundAPI allows you to repay your customers in part or fully. You simply initiate a refund request and we keep you updated on the status of the refund.

Creating a refund

To initiate a refund, you make a POST request to the Create RefundAPI and pass the transaction ID or reference in the transaction field. If an amount isn't passed, we handle the request as a full refund.

If you want to do a partial refund, you pass an amount parameter with the amount to refund. The refund amount must not be more than the original transaction amount.

Show Response
2 -H 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
3 -H 'cache-control: no-cache'
4 -H 'content-type: application/json'
5 -d '{ "transaction":"qufywna9w9a5d8v", "amount":"10000" }
2 "status": true,
3 "message": "Refund has been queued for processing",
4 "data": {
5 "transaction": 1259865949,
6 "integration": 412829,
7 "deducted_amount": "10000",
8 "channel": null,
9 "merchant_note": "Refund for transaction tvunjbbdaz by",
10 "customer_note": "Refund for transaction tvunjbbdaz",
11 "status": "processing",
12 "refunded_by": "",
13 "expected_at": "2021-12-03T11:47:10.000Z",
14 "currency": "NGN",
15 "domain": "live",
16 "amount": 10000,
17 "fully_deducted": true,
18 "id": 3018259,
19 "createdAt": "2021-11-24T11:47:10.000Z",
20 "updatedAt": "2021-11-24T11:47:17.000Z"
21 }
Maximum refund amount
The refund amount must not be more than the original transaction amount.

List Refunds

To pull a list of your refunds, you can use the List RefundsAPI to fetch all your refunds.

Show Response
2-H 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
3-H 'cache-control: no-cache'
4-H 'content-type: application/json'
2 "status": true,
3 "message": "Refunds retrieved",
4 "data": [
5 {
6 "integration": 463433,
7 "transaction": 1183399071,
8 "dispute": null,
9 "settlement": null,
10 "id": 2733802,
11 "domain": "test",
12 "currency": "NGN",
13 "amount": 106000,
14 "status": "processed",
15 "refunded_at": null,
16 "refunded_by": "",
17 "customer_note": "Refund for transaction 413322_21938653397065",
18 "merchant_note": "Refund for transaction 413322_21938653397065 by",
19 "deducted_amount": 106000,
20 "fully_deducted": true,
21 "createdAt": "2021-10-22T10:50:48.000Z"
22 },
23 {
24 "integration": 463433,
25 "transaction": 1166090204,
26 "dispute": null,
27 "settlement": null,
28 "id": 1934707,
29 "domain": "test",
30 "currency": "NGN",
31 "amount": 10000,
32 "status": "processed",
33 "refunded_at": null,
34 "refunded_by": "",
35 "customer_note": "Refund for transaction 404807_21239177380029",
36 "merchant_note": "Refund for transaction 404807_21239177380029 by",
37 "deducted_amount": 10000,
38 "fully_deducted": true,
39 "createdAt": "2021-06-23T10:03:44.000Z"
40 }
41 ],
42 "meta": {
43 "total": 2,
44 "skipped": 0,
45 "perPage": 50,
46 "page": 1,
47 "pageCount": 1
48 }

Refund status

During the lifecycle of a refund, its status changes based on the actions performed by the refund processor. When the status of a refund changes, the status of the associated transaction follows suit.

The table below shows the relationship between the status of a refund and its associated transaction:

StatusDescriptionTransaction Status
PendingRefund initiated, waiting for response from the processorReversal Pending
ProcessingRefund has been received by the processor.Reversal Pending
FailedRefund cannot be processed. Your account is credited with refund amount.Success
ProcessedRefund has successfully been processed by the processor.Reversed
Processed Refunds
When a refund is marked as processed, it may still take up to 10 business days for customers to receive their funds.

Listen to notifications

Receiving Notifications
In order to receive notifications, you need to implement a webhook URL and set the webhook URL in your Paystack dashboard.
We send different events based on the state of a refund. You can listen to the following events to stay updated on the state of a customer's refund:
refund.pendingThis is sent when a refund is initiated and we are waiting for a response from the processor.
refund.processingThis is sent when the refund has been received by the processor.
refund.failedThis is sent when a refund cannot be processed. Your account is credited with the refund amount.
refund.processedThis is sent when the refund has been successfully processed by the processor.
2 "event": "refund.pending",
3 "data": {
4 "status": "pending",
5 "transaction_reference": "tvunjbbd_412829_4b18075d_c7had",
6 "refund_reference": null,
7 "amount": "10000",
8 "currency": "NGN",
9 "processor": "instant-transfer",
10 "customer": {
11 "first_name": null,
12 "last_name": null,
13 "email": ""
14 },
15 "integration": 412829,
16 "domain": "live"
17 }